Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 1996


Championship Summary
Sideout defeated RIH by forfeit

Perennial volleyball powerhouse Sideout entered the 1996-97 Co-Rec Volleyball Playoffs in an unaccustomed position with two league losses. Co-captains Michael Case and Everett Moss re-energized the squad and they responded with strong wins over
I.V. League (15-2, 15-8) and Bruise (15-2, 15-7). Sideout avenged one of their losses by ousting a tenacious Team Diesel squad (15-13, 15-13) to gain a berth in the finals.

RJH entered the playoffs undefeated and had disappointing wins-by-forfeit over The Stans and Lucy and the Keggers and a loss-by-forfeit to Sideout in the finals.

(Photo not available)

Catherine Broderick, Amy Hood, Daniel Peck, Timothy Church, Jason Pierce, Kayleen McNulty, Kristine Mallamo, Matthew Turner, Dorit Schutz,
Christopher Ryan, Kathleen Wilson