Women's Volleyball Fall 1994

Hoa Ahola

Championship Summary
Hoa Aloha defeated G-Team 11-15, 15-6, 15-3

The first seed G-Team met second seed Hoa Aloha in the Women’s Volleyball Final. Both had ‘win-by-forfeit’ victories in the semi-finals against The Regulators and Sideout II, respectively. G-Team opened up an early lead in the first game and held on to win 15-11. Key spikes by G-Team’s Llorens Maricarmen held back a surging Hoa Aloha squad.

In the second game, a revitalized Hoa Aloha team led by Stephanie Mau’s serving and spiking and Jen Hockenson’s setting evened the match by taking the game, 15-6. The momentum continued along with the exceptional play as Hoa Aloha upset G-Team, 15-3, in the third game to win the championship.