Men's Volleyball Fall 1994

Free Willy

Championship Summary
Free Willy defeated Pari Passu 16-14, 15-5

Two dominating teams, Free Willy and Pan Passu, met in the 1994 Men’s Volleyball Final. Neither had lost a game en-route to a re-match. Pan had defeated Free Willy, the defending champions, in a 3-game match during league play. With the title at stake, Free Willy took a commanding 11-6 lead in game 1. Chot Patsakham called timeout and rallied Passu back to tie the score at 11-11. Points became extremely difficult as the score creeped up to another tie at 14-14. Tom Guzowski stepped up and led his team to a 16-14 overtime victory. Free Willy never looked back in game 2 as they cruised to an easy 15-5 win and the title.

Pari Passu