Men's Volleyball Fall 1993

Team Detonation

Championship Summary
Team Detonation defeated Undeneyed Worldwide 15-8, 15-7

The men's volleyball playoffs ended with a replay of Team Detonation's and Undenyed's first game of the season where Undenyed suffered their only loss of the season 7-15, 15-17. Team Detonation demonstrated how their team went undefeated throughout the league season by capitalizing on sideouts and perfect sets by the back line.

Team D. opened the first game with a run of ten points highlighting the sets of Carlos Figuerou and the devastating spikes of Yi Ling Lu. Undeneyed was able to return for a total of eight points but they could not stop the coordinated team effort of Team D. The game ended 15-8.

The second game showed the awesome ability of Team D. to capitalize on each player's skills. Thomas Guzowski scored consistently from the serving position and the team scoring of Dat Linh and Lu carried the team strongly. James Parker and Minh Linh also showed their talents to the fullest. Team D opened by scoring four points. Undenyed's Stephen Kim replied with two points, but Undenyed's strong efforts could not hold back the scoring of Team D. With the game at 13-4, Undeneyed scored four more times with a strong showing by Neil Downing, but Team Detonation won 15-7.

Undenyed Worldwide