Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 1993

Kappy's Crate

Championship Summary
Kappy's Crate defeated North Village 15-6, 15-4

The Co-Rec. Volleyball season ended with a bang. Kappy's Crate demonstrated why they dominated the Co-Rec league, winning against North Village 15-6, 15-4. Throughout the match, Kappy's Crate used their superb spikes and well thought out sets to end their season with an undefeated 6-0 record.

The first game opened with North serving. Kappy's responded with five consecutive points with Thomas Lee and Stephen Kim's strong teamwork. North responded with Yiguang Qiu scoring twice. Kappy's replied with a strong run of points while North scrambled to keep up. The game ended with a lift at game point and Kappy's score.

In the second game, North was more prepared and showed it with a strong set of volleys and blocks of Kappy's spikes; however they could not stand against Kappy's strong serves by Allison Findley and spikes by Dat Linh. Despite North's ability to bring together a several strong volleys, they were unable to achieve the points needed. The game ended at match point with a side out for North, then one for Kappy's and yet another from North. Finally Kappy's sealed the match with the game point.

North Village