Men's Volleyball Fall 1992

Spis Drit

Championship Summary
Spis Drit defeated Dirty Hoe 15-5, 15-0

Spis Drit, led by Conal Deedy and Dat Linh, dominated this year's men's volleyball championship from game one. The tremendous hitting ability displayed by Wong, Westvand, Yun and Tang enabled Spis Drit too capture an early lead and 15—5 win over Dirty Hoe for game one.

Spis Drit came on even stronger in game two, but Dirty Hoe refused to go down without a battle. The amazing defensive moves in the back court by Rich Sentnor and Robert Adams, as well as strong front court hitting and blocking by Gene Morrison, Ian Corcoran, assisted by Joe Twer's accurate setting ability, allowed Dirty Hoe some hopes in game two. Despite Dirty Hoe's will to win, Spis Drit's front court action enabled them to gain an early start and a 15-0 win and the 1993 Men's Volleyball Championship Title.

Dirty Hoe