Co-rec Ultimate Frisbee Spring 2013

Kapooyah Kapooyah

Back Row: Jimmy Hamblin, Ryan Deeney, Jeff Mulligan, Thomas Marss, Michelle Gibbons,
Matthew Robinson, William Frantz
Front Row: Alec Gromann, Collin Budz, Brad Quade, Alex Chan, Gene Rush

Championship Game Summary
Kapooyah Kapooyah 9, Disclocated 3

After a long winter with plenty of snow and no sunshine, the late spring Ultimate Frisbee Tournament was a welcomed site. 10 teams came out to try to crown themselves as Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Champions of UMass Amherst on a sunny Sunday afternoon in April. With a single elimination bracket, Kapooyah Kapooyah went to the final only allowing one point for the entire tournament. They won their first game by the score of 11-0 and won the second game with a score of 15-1. On the other side of the bracket, Disclocated won the first game with the score of 9-2 and 13-2 in the second game. Both teams seemed to have easy victories during the opening rounds of the tournament and finally faced each other in the final in order to figure out who would be the Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Champions of UMass.

The game was played on the intramural field and was about 100 yards long. It began with Kapooyah Kapooyah on the right end zone and Disclocated on the left end zone. Alex Light started the game by throwing the Frisbee to the Kapooyah’s zone. Alec Gramann picked up the Frisbee and made a long throw to Matthew Robinson in the end zone for the game’s first score.

Both teams switched ends and this time, Disclocated had possession and tried to attack. After both Disclocated’s Magnum Lew and Kapooyah’s William Frantz dropped the Frisbee, Disclocated regained possession. They could not do much and ended up being caught by Alec. He tried to make another long throw but none of his teammates were able to reach it. After a couple tries by both teams, Collin Budz made a successful throw to William and Kapooyah were up 2-0. The third point happened not too much longer when Alec intercepted the throw. He then started a fast break with Matthew Robinson and Ryan Deeney. The whole Disclocated team totally gave up on this play and Kapooyah easily scored the third point when Matt threw to Ryan.

Disclocated tried to make some progress and earn a few points back. Alex made a long curving throw to the end line. Kevin Lombard dove to it but unfortunately could not reach the frisbee. After a couple plays, Disclocated had possession on their own end. Alex tried to throw to Dennis Hacker but it was too high for him to catch. They lost possession on their own end and Kapooyah scored another easy point, 4-0. Kapooyah tried to maintain their dominance. Alec made another long throw to Gene “Eugene” Rush. Eugene caught it right in front of end zone. He waited for his teammates to run up but Disclocated defended well and he could not find anyone to throw to. So he passed to Alec again. Alec threw one with a strong curve to the other side of the end zone but it was too much. Disclocated regained possession but they could not do much. Kapooyah led 5-0 when Alec threw to Eugene with one minute left until half time. Disclocated tried to score one before half time. All the players ran down to the end zone. Alex tried to make a long throw but none of his teammates paid attention to the frisbee. Kapooyah led 5-0 at half time.

Kapooyah started the second half when Alec threw to Disclocated’s zone. Another twenty minutes to play, could Disclocated make a comeback or at least make the score closer? When Kapooyah regained possession and made the first attempt, Jimmy “James Scrambling” Hamblin caught the frisbee in the end zone and made it 6-0. One minute later, Alec made a 50-yard throw to Matthew and scored another point. Did he just make the world record with the throw? If not, then it was definitely the record for UMass Intramural Ultimate Frisbee!

Dislocated finally scored a point when Dennis threw to Alex seven minutes into the second half. Could they score more? Kapooyah’s Alec made another 45-yard throw to Jimmy but he dropped it. Good try by Alec. However, a minute later, Eugene passed to William and Kapooyah expanded the lead to 8-1. When Disclocated’s David Righter threw to Adam McNair, they made the score closer at 8-2, but they needed to score a lot more points.

The score was not the main attention at this point. It was more exciting with the throwing distance when Matthew just made a 60-yard throw to Eugene down the end zone. With Eugene’s height advantage compared to Magnum, he was able to catch the frisbee. The point was good and Matthew just broke Alec’s record with a 60-yard throw (keep in mind that the whole field was 100-yard long). Later on, Dislocated’s David intercepted the frisbee in their side of the field and threw it to Michael Trudell. The score was 9-3.

With three minutes left, Kapooyah’s Michelle Gibbons took off her sweatshirt and started warming up down the sideline. It looked like she’s ready to go and score some points. Last minute, Dislocated’s Alex assumed his teammates were running down towards the end line so he threw the frisbee straight to the goal line but no one could reach it. No time for Michelle to go in. Kapooyah Kapooyah took the victory home with the score 9-3 at the end. Both Kapooyah Kapooyah and Disclocated provided an entertaining and interesting Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Final. Congratulations to Kapooyah Kapooyah for being crowned the UMass Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Champions!


Back Row: Magnum Lew, Michael Trudell, Dennis Hacker, William Sterritt, Alex Light
Middle Row: Kevin Lombard, David Righter
Front Row
: Adam McNair