Men's Ultimate Frisbee Fall 2007

Flying Curtains

Jared Adelstein, Jacob Chamoff, Alexander James, Matthew Liptak, Joshua Magier, Ryan Montgomery, Andrew Weinstein

 Championship Game Summary
Flying Curtains 15, San Francisco Hippies 7

The fall 2007 intramural ultimate frisbee tournament featured 6 teams in a double-elimination tournament. In the championship, the undefeated Flying Curtains met the San Francisco Hippies. In a previous match-up in the winner’s bracket, the Curtains knocked off the Hippies 15-8 to send the Hippies to the loser’s bracket. Fighting their way back to the championship, the Hippies got by Dangerous Mongeese 10-6. In the first half, the Flying Curtains wasted no time scoring in the first two minutes as captain Jacob Chamoff found Ryan Montgomery in the endzone. Over the 20 minutes of the first half, the Flying Curtains paced their scoring for a 9-4 halftime lead. Montgomery and Andrew Weinstein snagged most of the endzone scores while Chamoff added two more assists as did teammate Matthew Liptak. For the San Francisco Hippies in the first half, their offensive drives were kept in check by the relentless marking defense of the Flying Curtains. Many times the Hippies found themselves passing laterally or backward and, hence, had little success getting into the endzone. In the 2nd half, the Flying Curtains picked up where they left off in terms of their scoring success. Playing with only seven players for the entire tournament, the Flying Curtains added six more goals in the 2nd half with their slicing forward offensive attacks. Weinstein was key in the half as he notched two scores and added two assists. Chamoff figured two more assists in the mix, while Liptak scored twice more. With nothing to lose in the 2nd half, the San Francisco Hippies attempted the long passes in hopes of reaching the endzone, but they could only manage three more goals. Adrian notched two goals for the Hippies; John Kane figured in with a goal and an assist, and Casey Gates scored twice. In the end, the curtain was dropped [yes, pun intended] with less than five minutes remaining in the 2nd half as the Flying Curtains pinnacled for a second 15-7 win over the Hippies to capture the championship.

San Francisco Hippies

Adrian Demers, Sean Finlay, Casey Gates, Myles Heffernan, Max Juisto, John Kane, Peter Merzbacher, Joshua Pickett, Adam Sillup, Samuel Smith