Men's Ultimate Frisbee Fall 2005

Tragic Skip-It Accident

Paul Blazejewski, Patrick Byrne, Waije Coler, Thomas Dedecko, Linwood Gallant, Ryan Ghazey, Samuel Hunter, Matthew Kindzerske, Alexander Kostadinov, Alexander Parsons, Adam Peloquin, Noam Perlmutter, Russell Silva

Championship Game Summary
Tragic Skip-It Accident 11, Spoofters 4

Two-time defending ultimate frisbee champ, Tragic Skip-It Accident, went undefeated during the round robin tournament, defeating Spoofsters and Huck It, to reach their third title game in three years. Spoofsters, who lost to Tragic Skip-It in the first game of the tourney, were able to bounce back and beat Huck It to advance to the championship. Both teams seemed fatigued to start the game, but Tragic Skip-It regained composure and began to dominate play. After five minutes of back-and-forth action, where both teams missed opportunities to gain an early lead, Tragic Skip-It struck first. Alex Parsons came up with the game’s first score on an assist from Alex Kostadinov. Three minutes later Tragic Skip-It scored again when Russell Silva made a tough catch in the back of the end zone, giving his team a 2-0 lead. Spoofsters were not ready to fold and their captain, Ari Sliffman, caught the frisbee in the end zone to cut the deficit to 2-1. Tragic Skip-It scored again 4 minutes later on a deep pass from Ryan Ghazey to Sam Hunter. With about four minutes left in the half, Spoofsters were threatening deep in Tragic Skip-It territory, but failed to convert on a pass in the end zone. Tragic Skip-It took advantage of this miscue when Ghazey fired another long bomb to Linwood Gallant for the 4-1 lead. It looked as if the teams would go into the half without another score, but Hunter made an interception for Skip-It and Noam Perlmutter was able to get a quick pass to Kostadinov in the end zone with three seconds left in the half. The second half did not start the way the Spoofsters had intended. After giving up the frisbee off of a drop, Skip-It capitalized when Hunter through another deep pass to the end zone to Ghazey, who made a spectacular between the legs catch. Spoofsters’ defense was no match for this potent offense, which put up two more scores in under six minutes. With the score 7-1, Spoofsters’ Jared Collier scored his first point of the match on a deep throw to cut the lead to 7-2. Two minutes later, Spoofsters scored again. But, in the last eight minutes of the match, Tragic Skip-It scored 4 more points to seal the 11-4 victory and their third consecutive championship.


Sean Ahern, Christopher Beaulieu, Jared Collier, Andrew Fretwell, Joel Gilbert, Jacob Gustafson, Benjamin Karesh, Andrew Rubin, Ariel Sliffman