Men's Ultimate Frisbee Fall 2002

The Usual Suspects
Photo available upon request

Michael Allen, Matthew Brandwein, Benjamin Brenner, David Ciuk, Joshua Clark, David Clough, Sean Girard, Evren Gunduz, Bethany Hine, Peter Leone,
David Marko, Zachary Pease, Jared Salvatore, Darren Tucker

Championship Game Summary
The Usual Suspects 12, Tragic Skip-It Accident 7

The championship game pitted Usual Suspects vs. Tragic Skip-it Accident. During the pool-play portion of the tournament both teams went undefeated until The Usual Suspects defeated Tragic in the last 5 seconds of their game to gain a decided psychological edge heading into the playoff tournament. Tragic advanced to the final by way of a somewhat easy 11-7 victory over High Rollers in the semi-final round.

Tragic Skip-It Accident

Andrew Apperson, David Cipolletti, John Emhoff, Samuel Gabrielli, Ryan Ghazey, Michael Hoffman, Silas Lowe, Timothy McKendry, Anthony Pascoe, Jason Ribichau, Dario Sulzman, Michael Whalen