Men's Ultimate Frisbee Spring 1997

Quo Vadis

Championship Game Summary
Quo Vadis 11, The Tribe 5

Ultimate Frisbee made a return to the Intramural Calendar in 1996-97. The weekend tournament was hampered by the last minute withdrawal of two teams. The two remaining teams, Quo Vadis and The Tribe, pitted experience versus exuberance.

Deft passing and key catches had Quo Vadis up 3-0 before Matt Hicks caught one for The Tribe. Tim Garceau added a second goal while Luke Sullivan and Chris Misra pushed the half-time lead to 5-2. Justin Cotter added the lone second half goal for The Tribe. Lack of substitutes did not hold back Quo Vadis, they added five more goals to take the game 10-3.

The Tribe planned to run fresh legs at Quo Vadis in the 'must win' second game. Justin Cotter gave The Tribe their first lead of the tournament 1-0. Quo Vadis came right back to tie the game. Kevin McMahon's goal ended the first half scoring for The Tribe. However, the scoring had only begun for Quo Vadis seven goals later the half ended 8-2. The Tribe played gallantly and added goals by Mary Wood, Michael Magee, and Chris Medelinskas. Quo Vadis added an equal number of goals to take the game 11-5 and the tournament.

The Tribe