Men's Sports Trivia Spring 2013

Champions: Golden Sunshine (Cale McSweeney, Nick Belito)

Golden Sunshine 56.5, Scal for 3 51.5

Do you know…? Who is the only tennis player to have won each of the four grand slam events at least four times? If you know, maybe you should come out and compete for the Sports Trivia next year. It was a successful one-day trivia contest for us this year. We had eight categories (Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Summer Olympics, and UMass) with a total of 78 points. When it was all said and done, the Golden Sunshine finished in first place with 56.5 points. It was a great comeback for them once they amassed 14/15 in the soccer category. And the answer for the previous question is Steffi Graf.

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Runner-ups: Scal for 3 (Sean Cunningham, Aaron Green)