Men's Speedball Spring 2014

Champion: Tune Squad

Back Row: Alex Harris, Greg Harris, Thomas Flannery, Peter erhardt, Andrew Slavet
Front Row: Michael White, Eric Rosin

Championship Game Summary:
Tune Squad 26, S. B. Kings 13

This year’s Speedball Championship Game was played between the Tune Squad and the S.B. Kings. Tune Squad came into the final 5-0-0, while S.B. Kings came with a 5-1-0 record.

You think that both teams would start off slowly with a defensive struggle? You guessed it wrong! Even though both teams’ strategy was to pull out the goalie and play an extra man on the court, the defensive sides did a great job and tightened up the defense. The first goal was scored in the second minute with Alex Harris’ throw just outside the arc.

Tune Squad had the first lead. Hunter Beck tied it up at 15:30. Score was 2-2. 30 seconds later, Alex had a great chance to score with a fast break. But he hit it just above the bar. What a missed chance! The game died down a little when both teams tried to catch some breath and change up some strategies. After a bang bang play, Tune Squad missed an easy layup which would have given them a lead. At 11:30, Andrew Slavet tipped in a rebound and Tune Squad took the lead. Two minutes later, Greg Harris received a 20 yard football-pass and took a quick shot.  Matt Barnes used his great hands to tip it off the post just in the nick of time. Later, it was Greg Harris again, assisted by Slavet with a no look pass, that led to an easy layup. Tune Squad led 4-2.

The game went silent again with both teams playing excellent defense. Sean Hill received the ball, made a 360 turn and threw it into the left side net. S.B. Kings finally broke through and tied up 4-4. Thirty seconds later, Thomas Flannery received the ball from Greg Harris and left Barnes with no chance. Tune Squad was up again. With one minute left in the first half, both teams seemed like they were waiting for the horn to sound. Shortly after, Beck grabbed the ball at half court, took one step, then another and with no defender in front, threw the ball like a bullet straight into the goal. Both teams were tied again. Tune Squad’s Flannery responded right back with a throw with 15 seconds left. Seven seconds later, S.B. Kings’ Hill scored. Then, Greg Harris beat the buzzer and scored, which gave Tune Squad a 10-8 lead at half time.

Coming out of the break, Tune Squad made a critical mistake by kicking the ball into their own net. This brought the score to 10-9. Eric Rosin tried to step up for Tune Squad, but he couldn’t find the iron. Greg Harris tried to tip in, missed on the initial try, but got it to fall the second time. SB Kings fought back from down two points. When Erik Wang scored at 15:45, the score was tied once again. However, without any subs on the bench, S.B. Kings started to get tired. Tune Squad used this to their advantage and spread the court wide.

Mike White and Alex’s Harris goals in the next three minutes put the Tune Squad up 14-11. S.B. Kings’ players tried to call a timeout and catch some breath but they forgot that they did not have possession. This momentary lapse of concentration allowed Tune Squad’s Peter Erhardt to score quickly on a throw from the edge of the arc. S.B. Kings hoped to reverse Tune Squad’s momentum and finally were able to call a timeout.

With six minutes to go and desperate for a comeback, S.B. Kings were giving 110% effort to cut the lead, but Tune Squad was relentless! Slavet had a no look shot and suddenly the lead had ballooned to 18-11. Two minutes later, Slavet assisted Harris for a layup. S.B. Kings tried to pull their goalie, Barnes, but it didn’t help and the lead continued to grow. Tune Squad went on to win the championship with a final score of 26-13.

S. B. Kings

Left to Right: Xavier Cullere, Erik Wang, Sean Hill, Hunter Beck, Matthew Barnes