Men's Softball Spring 2014


Back Row: Kyle Pernock, T. J. Nicholson, Tony Bolduc, Timothy Carney, Mark Gately, Logan Hughes
Front Row: Corey Donlan, Christopher Knight, Marc Polito, Michael Patty, Luke Foley


Championship Game Summary

Blackouts 14, Pick Six 7

A chilly April night was the setting for the Men’s Intramural Softball Championship game. The contest was set to include Pick Six and Blackouts. With Pick Six being the away team they took to the plate first. With two quick outs coming for Pick Six it seemed like it was going to be a scoreless inning until Ricky Silva hit a screaming line drive and ended up on third base with a triple.

After stringing together a few more hits, Pick Six was able to go up 4-0 in the top of the 1st inning. Blackouts knew that they were going to have to make up some ground in their first at bats. The bottom half of the inning started with a single from Mark Gately. When Tony Bolduc, the number three hitter, came to the plate, they knew they needed something big out of him. With one swing of the bat, Tony was able to split the difference in half with a two-run inside the park homerun.

However, that wasn’t the end of the scoring for the Blackouts in the first inning. They were able to drive in five more runs to make it 7-4 going into the 2nd inning. After allowing one run to score in the top of the 2nd inning, Blackouts were due up. With Tony Bolduc leading off in the bottom of the 2nd, he hit a scorcher to deep left center and was able to leg out another inside the park homerun. After Michael Patti and Tim Carney score on a pair of singles, Pick Six was able to get out of the inning, but not before allowing three more runs.

With a score of 10-5 in favor of Blackouts heading into the 3rd inning, Pick Six was going to need to score some runs. A sequence of three singles by Matt Fung, Kevin Pomerleau, and Ryan Imbriaco was able to drive in one more run for Pick Six to make it 10-6. But a few good plays in the field by Blackouts were able to get them out of the inning. A sacrifice fly and an infield single brought in two more runs for Blackouts in the bottom of the 3rd to make it 12-6. 

In the top of the 4th inning Matt Schell scored on a Ricky Silva RBI single to left field. This was the only run that Pick Six would get in the inning. With Blackouts scoring another two runs in the bottom of the 4th inning to make it 14-7, Pick Six was going to need to double their score to catch up to Blackouts. Blackouts were able to hold off Pick Six and got their 15th out of the game and to claim their throne as the UMass Men’s Intramural Softball Champions.

Pick Six

Back Row: Ryan Imbriaco, Joseph Jackson, Kevin Pomerleau, Alex Porter, Matthew Fung, Richard Silva,
Sean Heaney, Cody Sloniecki, Ellis Casler
Front Row: Joseph Nguyen, Paul Hindle, Matthew Schell, Christopher Magalhaes