Men's Softball Spring 2013

Daenery's Dragons

Back Row: Cody Gavin, Scott Strycharz, Bobby Leonard, Rob Carlezon, Matt Legendre, Matthew Sherman, Alex Rae, Patrick Thompson
Front Row: Niko Sotil, Kyle Lunt, Ray Racine, Nic Klemansky, Damien Dmitruk


Championship Game Summary
Daenery’s Dragons 12, TBA 5

The game got off to a good start for Daerney’s Dragons. In their first at bat, their number three hitter, Ray Racine., sent a line drive over the right fielder’s head resulting in a two run home-run to put Daerney’s on the scoreboard with two runs. TBA came back strong in their at bats by getting a baserunner on which eventually scored due to fielding mistakes made by Daerney’s Dragons.

In the top of the second, TBA got a lucky break by allowing the first two batters to reach base until the pitcher got in a groove and recorded the next three outs in a row due to back-to-back infield flies and followed by a simple ground ball to third to get the force runner out. Ray Racine., the pitcher for Daerney’s Dragons, recorded a perfect inning with three batters up and three down to keep the score at 2-1 in favor of Daerney’s Dragons.

Two quick outs were recorded, one of which was a leaping grab by the outstretched left fielder Jordan Aronson, and the other was a catch by Steve Collins. Steve made a catch running back into deep center look like it was a piece of cake. These two should be nominated for Sportscenter Top 10 with those spectacular grabs. In the meantime, two batters reached on base with singles in what seemed to be another scoreless half inning, until a routine ball to the right fielder ended up being misplayed and it allowed Daerney’s Dragons to capitalize on the mistakes by having all three runs score on an overthrow into out-of-play territory. TBA was not done fighting yet and scored three runs in the bottom of the inning to decrease their deficit to one run, 5-4, going into the fourth inning.

Niko Sotil led off the inning with a pinch hit home-run to deep right field; adding an insurance run to the team’s slim lead. TBA’s defense worked together on a hard ground ball to Bed Ledgard at shortshop who fumbled the ball initially and threw a laser over to Jamie Casselberry at first base who made a magnificent scoop in time to beat the base runner. This call seemed to anger the dragons and they became aggressive on the base paths. They advanced at any opportunity they got and this resulted in three more runners making it home in what seemed like a the nail in the coffin for TBA, as they were unable to score any runs in the bottom of the fourth making the score 9-4.

Looking to add some runs in their last at bats in regulation, Daerney’s Dragons hit three singles in a row, as and another run crossed the plate. Again TBA was helping Daerney’s Dragons score with fielding errors and were responsible for two more runs. TBA had an uphill battle going into their last at bats and were looking for a miracle. TBA ran out of steam and only mustered one run ending the game, which gave Daerney’s Dragon’s the championship. Final score: Daerney’s Dragons-12 TBA- 5.


Back Row: Ben Ledgard, Jordan Aronson, Tony Dombrowski, Matt Asermely, David Raymond, Adam Boari, Jake Dennis, Greg Harris
Front Row: Chris Robery, Stephen Collins, Jarrie Casselberry, Kevin Howe, Greg Harris