Co-Rec Softball Spring 2013

Booze on First

Back Row: Teryn McCook, Mariyam Semenov, Jamie Neureuter, Allison McCarthy,
Rachel Caty, Danielle Cloutier, Michelle Gibb
Front Row: Peter Billotta, Josh McAuliffe, Derek Taylor, David Sweeney, Tim Groves, Shane Desmond

Championship Game Summary
Booze on First 6, Patterson Washington 3

April 30th was a beautiful night to play some softball. The sun had set and the lights were on. Patterson Washington and Booze on First showed up ready to fight for that championship t-shirt.

Patterson Washington was up to bat first in the top of the 1st inning. The first pitch resulted in a hard hit ball to dead center that was put away for the first out of the game. Things took a turn with two outs when Booze on First had a couple of errors that lead to the first run of the game. Another base knock brought in another run for Patterson Washington, but Booze on first was able to get out of the inning after letting up only two runs. A leadoff single in the bottom of the first lead to the first run for Booze on First, and a bloop single to right would bring in another. After one inning the game was tied and was looking like it would go down to the wire.

Booze on First was able to get out of the inning with no damage done after a leadoff triple in the top of the second. A leadoff inside-the-park homerun by David Sweeney in the bottom of the 3rd gave Booze on First the lead going into the top of the 3rd. Another leadoff triple by Patterson Washington lead to no more runs and were left trailing 3-2 after 2½. Booze of First lead off with another inside-the-park homerun by Tim Groves. After a single Derrick Taylor came to the plate looking to crush the ball. A two run homerun by Derrick gave Booze on First a 6-2 lead going into the 4th inning.

It wasn’t over for Patterson Washington just yet as they scored another run on a close play at the plate to make the score 6-3. Booze on First was able to hold them to that single run in the top of the 4th. This was a big inning for Patterson Washington because they needed to hold off the big bats of Booze on First. They were able to get a quick 1-2-3 and take it to the top of the 5th, and their last at bat, where they would look for three or more runs to keep their chances alive. A couple of back to back singles made it look like Booze on First was in a bit of trouble. But a fielder’s choice got the runner out at 3rd, leaving runners at 1st and 2nd with one out. An error by the shortstop loaded the bases and you could tell that Booze on First was getting anxious.

A short dribbler right in front of the catcher allowed for them to get the force out at the plate, leaving Patterson Washington with one more out and bases loaded. The next pitch is crushed and flied to left field and looked like it was never going to stop. However, Tim Groves got a good jump on the ball and was able to track the ball down and catch it on the run to end the game and make Booze on First the Intramural Co-Rec Softball Champions of 2013.

Patterson Washington
Back Row: Anthony Nostromo, Corey Bauman, Adam Berrger, Rob Greguski, Greg Bitsmis
Front Row: Carley Zappolo, Amanda Davis, Lori Rosner, Gayle Landry