Co-Rec Softball Spring 2012

Patt My Washington

Front Row: Connor Sallet, Greg Bitsimis, Anthony Nostramo, Robert Greguski,
Christopher Noreika, Corey Bauman
Back Row: Nikki Foxworth, Laura Millet, Amanda Davis, Sarah Gibb, Carley Zappolo

Championship Game Summary
Patt My Washington 3, I’d Hit That 1

On a cold blustery May evening, two co-rec softball teams came to battle for a chance at glory. On the line was not just a UMass intramural champion t-shirt, but also a spot at eternal glory for the rest of their lives. The winner would be forever etched in UMass intramural history.

As defending champ, Patt My Washington had been here before with a proven record in the playoffs. Their opponent, I'd Hit That, was a team on the rise. In the top of the first inning, Patt went down quickly. In the bottom of the inning, captain Mike Lucas singled up the middle to drive in Nathaniel Gillis who led the inning off with a hit. After one inning, I'd Hit That led 1-0.

The next couple innings would remain the same. The game became all about defense and was a pure pitcher’s duel. I'd Hit That's Rob Marks was throwing an absolute gem, consistently getting the Patt’s batters out all game.  He gave up a single to the first two batters of the second and third inning, but was able to go 1,2,3 after that. Lucas and Adam Carey were vacuums in the outfield, catching fly ball after fly ball. Patt My Washington's Anthony Nostramo pitched great for his team. He got great defensive help from his shortstop Greg Bitsimis who made more than one diving stop in this game. One of his stops saved a run in the bottom of the fourth inning.

In the top of the fifth inning, Patt My Washington mounted a monstrous fury that would change the tide of the game. The first three batters got on and all scored, with Sarah Gibbs driving in a run on a sacrifice fly. I’d Hit That’s once sound defense failed them as they committed two errors which brought in two runners. By the end of the inning, Patt My Washington led 3-1 and was poised to clinch the title.

I’d Hit That did not have the firepower to mount a rally in the bottom of the fifth inning. Tori Shaw was able to get to third base with two outs, but Nostramo pitched beautifully to retire the last batter. Patt My Washington repeated as co-rec softball champion and were already looking forward to next season.

I'd Hit That
Front Row: Mel Sutherland, Dominique Serio, Tori Shaw, Jayla O’Brien,
Alexandra Zouranjian
Back Row: Nathaniel Gillis, Brian Schneider, Michael Lucas, Robert Marks, Adam Carey