Co-Rec Softball Spring 2011

Patt My Washington

Front Row: Greg Bitsimis, Adam Berger, Anthony Nostramo, Nick Jansson, Connor Sallet, Christopher Noreika
Back Row: Carley Zappolo, Nicole Foxworth, Laura Millet, Julia McWilliams, Devon Black, Janelle Broom

Championship Game Summary
Patt My Washington 4, TFKAP 1

The game between Patt My Washington and TFKAP turned out to be a very exciting one. In a very defensive-minded game, Patt My Washington topped TFKAP 4-1. Anthony Nostramo carried his team to victory by blasting a two-run homerun in the first inning and pitching a gem to shut down TFKAP’s lineup. Christopher Noreika also added to the offensive production with an RBI double in the bottom of the third. Laura Millet gave Patt My Washington an insurance run in the bottom of the fourth with an RBI double. As for TFKAP, Julie Davis pitched a very respectable game, only giving up two earned runs while striking out five. Overall, this co-rec championship was very competitive and intense with both teams displaying tremendous sportsmanship throughout.

(Alphabetical): Mary Ambacher, Dan Brothers, Stephanie Bruno, John Crimarco,
Julie Davis, Sarah Hayes, Deana Kovacev, Nicholas Kovacev, Cameron Morley, Brett Sawin, Brandon Tower