Women's Softball Spring 2005

The Dare Devils

Tracy Anthony, Meagan Asp, Courtney Cormier, Kelly Davis, Kimberly Fink,
Dashira Mangual, Patricia O'Connor, Tiffani O'Connor, Amanda Prentice,
Lauren Torres, Taryn Westerkamp, Natalie Willwerth

Championship Game Summary
Dare Devils 2, Donketts 1

The Dare Devils won four games and outscored opponents 47-13 to advance to the final in the double-elimination tournament. Donketts, on the other hand, had a rougher road to the final. Donketts lost 15-0 to Dare Devils and found themselves in the loser’s bracket. Donketts then needed to win three games to make it back to the final against Dare Devils. In the first inning, Donketts had a golden opportunity to put some runs on the board, as Dare Devils were without starting pitcher Amanda Prentice. Donketts loaded the bases as the Dare Devils pitcher struggled with her control. With good defense, Dare Devils got out of the inning and gave up only one run. Starting pitcher Prentice arrived to pitch the 2nd inning and kept Donketts off the board. In the bottom of the 2nd and with two outs, the Dunketts pitcher experienced some control problems of her own and walked four straight batters to plate a run. Dunketts then gave up a single to score another run. Dare Devils captain Tracy Anthony tried to score from second on the hit but was thrown out at the plate. Dare Devils led 2-1. Prentice struggled in the 3rd inning by walking the bases loaded. Thanks to a great diving catch on a dying pop-up to the outfield and a strike out, Prentice was able to get out of the inning unscathed. Dare Devils went quietly in the bottom of the 3rd.  In the 4th & final inning and trailing by one run, Donketts got off to a good start as the lead-off hitter doubled to rightfield. After a fly ball to left, in which the runner neglected to advance to third to put the tying run 60 feet away with one out, the runner advanced to third on a groundout to first. Prentice came up big with two out and struck out the batter looking to preserve the 2-1 nail-biter.


Ashley Baker, Katelyn Bryan, Rebecca Carey, Shay Collins, Michelle Kennedy,
Anne Konetzny, Jacqueline Locke, Kerin McAuliffe, Kyle Morrissey, Erica Pally,
JoAnne Ricardelli, Kirsten Wojtanek