Women's Softball Spring 2004


Emily Borek, Sarah Cooper, Christina Curry, Amy Erlandson, Christina Gagas,
Laura Kruczek, Nicole Lapointe, Christine LeBlanc, Abigail Patteson,
Miranda Schmitz, Kelly Wardner, Therese Vitale

Championship Summary
DOP 12, Blue Ballers 2, 0

The women’s softball championship featured DOP and Blue Ballers 2. In the top of the first, DOP wasted no time in highlighting their bats as six of the first eight batters reached base. Laura Kruczek, Amy Erlandson, Whitney Warren & Theresa Vitale all scored for the DOP 4-0 lead. Blue Ballers 2 responded in their half of the first as Laura Gillings reached base. However, DOP pitcher Kelly Wardner shut the door, facing only three more batters in that inning. In the 2nd inning, DOP looked to add more runs. Despite the successive hits from Miranda Schmitz, Sarah Cooper and Wardner, DOP was un able to score, thanks to solid defense from Ballers.

Over the next three innings, DOP’s Wardner and her teammates were impenetrable as they allowed zero hits. To make matters worse for Blue Ballers 2, DOP reclaimed their offensive prowess in the third inning to score five runs for the 9-0 lead. DOP added another run in the 4th. Wardner helped her cause in the 5th as she singled and scored along with teammate Kruczek. DOP extended their lead to 12-0 going into Ballers' last at-bats. Hits from Molly Eggleston and Kelly Rowe gave Ballers a fleeting lift. Once again Wardner and crew shut down the offensive to leave runners on base. DOP’s Wardner and Erlandson each had four hits. Wardner allowed only three hits in the 12-0 win.

Blue Ballers 2

Laura Amero, Christy Bell, Tara Byrne, M. Molly Eggleston, Laura Gillings,
Kristina Hockman, Samantha Louras, Aleta Mills, Anne-Marie Plain, Kelly Rowe, Jacqueline Schnare, Laura Walendziewicz, Caitlin Tyburski