Co-Rec Softball Spring 2002

Kick Assers

Patrick Ayres, Kristen Baker, Carl Benander, Katelyn Biedron, Bryan Boehler, Charles Clark,
Mark Dukas, Meghan Dunn, Nina Giombetti, Alisa Kapinos, Michael Kurkjian, Molly McCarthy,
Joseph Meagher, Michael Morcone, Douglas Murphy, Felicity Rollins, Ani Salerno, Jennifer Sanborn, Christopher Tassone

Championship Game Summary
Kick Assers 7, Pimps and Hoes 6

Pimps and Hoes started off the scoring in the first inning helped by Blake Alcantara's RBI triple with two outs. P & H led 5-0. Alcantara came through again with a solo homer in the third inning. But that would be all the scoring for P & H.

Kick Assers came alive in the third inning. Bryan Boehler's drive to the outfield scored two runs for Kick A, but Boehler, trying for an inside-the-park homerun, was tagged out at the plate. Jen Sanborn's RBI single scored Felicity Rollins and Kick Assers trailed 6-3 after three. In the bottom of the 5th inning, Kick A continued their scoring. Back-to-back sacrifices by Doug Murphy and Rollins brought Kick As to within a run.

Trailing in the bottom of the 7th, Carl Benander and Katie Biedron each had an RBI single to plate two more runs. Kick Assers led for the first time by a score of 7-6. For the next three innings, solid defense by Kick Assers preserved the one-run victory and the championship.

Pimps and Hoes
(No Photo Available)

Lauren Abernathy, Jeffrey Albert, Blake Alcantara, Scott Beltzer, Christina Curry, Elissa Chambers, Andrew Grant, Arianne Jerdan, Daniel Lee, Christine Mazzei, Brian McCarthy, Alexander McKeon,
Tara Lano, Kathleen Miller, Aaron Millman, Michael Sorge