Co-Rec Softball Spring 2000

Shear Stress

Kurtis Amidon, Michael Andrus, Amy Cerato, Amy Dearth, Jeffrey DiStasi, Linda Fijol, Lisa Giddens, Jolene Johnson, Shawn Kelley, Jon Mitchell, Roger Moeller, Katherine O'Hara, Wendy Parmenter, Brian Piorier, Steven Poirier, Robert Ryan, Theodore Schoenberg, Wayne Shelburne,
Jeremy Smith, Christina Udden

Championship Game Summary
Shear Stress 5, Built 2 Last 4

Wasting no time in applying pressure, Shear Stress plated 3 runs in the first inning with a single by Jeff DiStasi, a triple by Wendy Parmenter, and singles by Shawn Kelley, Amy Cerato, and Wayne Shelburne. Shear Stress added to their lead with 2 runs in the second. Built 2 Last finally woke up in the third inning, scoring 4 runs with two outs. From the fourth inning to the bottom of the eighth, neither team threatened to score. In the bottom of the eighth Built 2 Last had runners at 2nd and 3rd with one out, but could not plate a run. In the ninth Built 2 Last led off with a triple, only to see that runner get tagged out on a grounder to third. In the last inning, trying to pull things out, Built 2 Last led off with a single, but Shear Stress secured the victory with a game-ending double play to take the championship 5-4.

Built 2 Last

Michael Burns, James Fourmy, Stephen Condrin, Christopher Culmer, Christine Grady,
Paul Hemingway, Jennifer Kiefer, Robert Morrissey, Luiz Muzzi, Maricela Oceguera, Ana Shapiro, John Shukie, Karen Skinner, Catherine Trevor