Men's Softball Spring 1998

Sigma Alpha Mu

Championship Game Summary
Sigma Alpha Mu 5, Crack Brownies 2

Forty-six teams qualified for the 1998 Men's Softball Playoffs. The weather refused to cooperate and the last four rounds were squeezed into two days. Defending champions, Crack Brownies entered the tournament undefeated. They put together victories against Alpha Sigma Phi (8-6), Sugar Free (13-5) and Ribbed Revenge (7-3). Crack Brownies overcame a huge deficit to win their semifinal against Pete's Wicked (12-11). Sigma Alpha Mu A, also undefeated in league play, powered their way through the playoffs. They defeated Nut Brown Squirrels (8-2), The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (10-3), For Free (11-4), and The Heaters (14-5).

In the final, after a scoreless first inning SAM exploded for 4 runs in the top of the 2nd on hits by Dave Hollander, Jared Rosenblatt, and Marc Hausman. Seth Shapiro scored for the Brownies in the home half. Mark Sullivan scored in the third to bring the Brownies within two. Jared Rosenblatt hit safely and scored for the second time in the top of the 4th inning. Pitcher Marc Hausman gave up one hit to Seth Shapiro over the last two innings. His fielders vacuumed up everything in sight to shut down Crack Brownies and
win the title, 5-2.

Crack Brownies

Benjamin Andrews, Kevin Gaynor, Steven Rayworth, Scott Tarka, Douglas Doherty, Brian Enda, Michael Ream, Shem Streeter, Marc Sullivan, Adam Carlsen,
Seth Shapiro