Men's Softball Spring 1997


Championship Game Summary
Brownies 14, The Machine 2

The intramural softball finals pitted the Brownies against the Machine in the finals of 1997 spring season. Each team won five straight to reach the final.

On a cold rainy night the Brownies started off quickly scoring two runs in the bottom of the first on a three base error by the Machine then preceeed to open up the game in the second scoring five runs to take a 7-0 lead and never look back.

The Brownies ended up routing the Machine 14-2 as the Machine scored their two runs with two out in the fifth. Adam Carisen led the Brownies with four hits and four runs. Ben Andrews had three hits including a home run and three RBIs. Pitcher Kevin Gaynor went the distance to get the win and drove in four runs. Scott Tarka also had three hits for the Brownies.

The Machine