Co-Rec Softball Spring 1996

Undies Worn Twice

Championship Game Summary
Undies Worn Twice 2, Sons of Pitches 0

On Tuesday May 14, 1996 on the Frank Wright intramural fields of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the CO-REC softball championship game took place. The two teams that were playing for the championship were Sons of Pitches and Undies Worn Twice. The game started off with Undies Worn Twice at bat first. They started the game with two hits and scored the first run of the game by Eric Savage.

Sons of Pitches got up and went down one two three in the bottom of the first inning. At the top of the second inning, Undies Worn Twice got a triple to start the inning. Then they got a single to score a run by Dan Berry to put the Undies Worn Twice up two to zero before they got three outs to end the inning. Sons of Pitches again went down in the bottom of the second inning one two three.

It wasn't until the bottom of the third inning before the Sons of Pitches got their first base runner, but couldn't score him/her. Undies Worn Twice put players on base, but could not capitalize. The same was happening with Sons of Pitches, getting player on base, but couldn't capitalize.

The game would continue this way with great defense from both teams and the Undies Worn Twice still lead by a score of two to zero. With the game still Undies Worn Twice 2 and Sons of Pitches 0 in the last inning with Sons of Pitches getting the last at bats, the tension started to mount for both teams. In the top of the inning the Undies Worn Twice went down one two three.

Sons of Pitches had to put their rally caps on if they want to put this game in extra innings or even win the game for the championship. Sons of Pitches started the tenth inning off with an out and then got a single and Undies Worn Twice got an error that turned into another single to put the tying run at first and the winning run at bat for the Sons of Pitches.

The Sons of Pitches batter popped up to the shortstop for an out and the baserunner on first ran half way to second before realizing that he/her did not tag up and the shortstop from Undies Worn Twice threw him/her out for a double play to end the game and give Undies Worn Twice the CO-REC softball Intramural Championship. The final score again was Undies Worn Twice two and Sons of Pitches zero.

Sons of Pitches