Co-Rec Softball Spring 1994

Three's a Charm

Championship Game Summary
Three's a Charm 5, Indians 1

The Co-Rec season brought together the Indians and Three's a Charm for a final game. This game was dominated by the strong defense of Three's a Charm. Through ten innings T-a-C allowed only one run.

Neither team was able to score until the second inning where Three's Leroy Collins and Peter Tata scored assisted by Shawn Marr's base hit. The Indians continued to struggle and in the fifth, Three's Collins and Michelle Doscher came home to make the score 4-0. The Indians rallied in the sixth defensively allowing no hits, however at the top of the seventh, after two outs, the Indians faltered and allowed four consecutive hits bringing Marr home.

The Indians tried to bring themselves back into the game with a run by Bob Walker, but Three's was able to control the field. The Indians showed some strong hitting through the eighth, but they were unable to capitalize with a run. Defensively they succeeded in shutting out Three's for the last three innings, but the damage was done. The final score was Three's a Charm 5, Indians 1.