Men's Soccer Fall 2013

FC Cheeky

Back Row: Alexander Joseph, Christian Beath, Cody Sloniecki, Michael Keleher, Matthew Fung
Front Row: Jordan Shafir, Vincent DeMaio, Justin Anthony, John Mentor



FC Cheeky 3, Ibra Nose Best 1

This year’s men’s soccer final was between Ibra Nose Best and FC Cheeky. FC Cheeky, having played a semifinal game just moments ago, was up to the task. They would have to be to take on the highly talented and well rested, Ibra Nose Best. From the kick off, it was evident that both teams really wanted that championship shirt. FC Cheeky was the first to strike with a goal on a quick counter by John Mentor in the 2nd minute of the game. Ibra Nose Best stayed poised and evened the score at 1-1 with a rocket of a goal by David Kim in the fifth minute. After that it looked as if each team would find the back of the net multiple times throughout the game. Another goal wasn’t posted until the 12th minute when Vinny DeMaio put FC Cheeky up 2-1.

At halftime the score was 2-1 in favor of FC Cheeky. As the second half began both teams had settled down and began to defend any attack the opposing team had to offer. Unlike the first half, the second showcased a lot of control between the two teams and good defense on both sides. In the sixth minute, Alex Joseph of FC Cheeky positioned a shot in the bottom left corner that put his team up 3-1. That was enough of a cushion for FC Cheeky. After a long fought battle, FC Cheeky took home the men’s championship title.

Ibra Nose Best

Back Row: Jack Neil, Michael Ronan, Andrew Leaper, Nathan Feshbach-Meriney, Christopher Sanchez, Albert Kwaskiewicz
Front Row: Alex Puchrik, Mitchell Jackson, John Luk, Anthony Damiano