Women's Soccer Fall 2012

Sass Attack

Back Row: Mary Lynch, Catherine Cossavello, Lily Augustini, Alexandra Burtnick
Front Row: Laura Adams, Erin Shepard, Kimberly Carter

Championship Game Summary
Sass Attack 2, Grass Kickers 1

On a blustery fall day, two teams matched up for what would be the most important game of their college careers. Sass Attack arrived to the field in their intimidating black uniforms while Grass Kickers opted for red. Both teams gave their all despite the 35 degree wind chill factor. As the sun set over the Pioneer Valley the defense became stronger and the will to win grew larger. All the girls on the field gave their all that night through hard work and determination.

Grass Kickers started out on top scoring their first goal in the first five minutes. Striker Lisa Bandoian knocked a hard ball to the far right corner, sailing past Sass Attack’s goal keeper. After a disheartening goal scored against them, Sass Attack turned up the heat to score at 14:36. The rest of the half contained strong goal keeping and defensive skills by both teams.

The second half was full of strong communication by both teams. Each team demonstrated excellent hustle. During the tenth minute of the half Sass Attack’s goalie kicked a hard, long goal kick downfield to be headed into the cross bar. Forceful rebounding attempts were made but Sass Attack did could not finish the play.  Both teams were fortunate enough to have skilled goalies, which sent the game into overtime.

Luckily, the five minute overtime started just as the lights on the football fields came on. The sky was becoming darker yet the neon pink ball was ever clear in the eyes of these girls. The game grew more physical with shoving and determination to win each play. Strong corner kicks and high intensity around the goal were not enough to lighten the goal keeper’s pressure which brought the game in to a second over time. Each team had ample chances to score off of corner kicks, rebounds and scuffles in front of the goal, yet only one team can come out on top. 

1:24 into overtime Kayleigh Scott rescued Sass Attack out of their 31:48 slump with a strong kick to the top left shelf of the goal. Just like that, Sass Attack was crowned victors over the ever powerful Grass Kickers. Congratulations to Mary Lynch, Nina Hazelton, Kayleigh Scott, Alex Burtnick, Bethany Braga, Erin Shepard and Kim Carter. Be sure to come out for Spring Soccer and good luck next season!

Grass Kickers

(Photo not available)

Back Row: Molly Palazian, Kaya Phillips, Alli Reusch, Jen Haley, Erica Marksteiner
Front Row: Sara Munley, Maddie Shinn, Lisa Bandoian, Margaret Kibbler