Men's Soccer Fall 2012

Mighty Ducks

Back Row: Ozim Sander, Manuel Escanciano, Niclas Jansson, Isai delgado,
David Inkyu Kim, Gabriel Carmona
Front Row: Matt Dornfeld, Timothy Katz, Anthony Rosen-Smith, Kevin Magelhaes,
Joe Riley


Championship Game Summary
Mighty Ducks 1, FC Cheeky 0

On this frigid autumn afternoon the top two teams met in what would go down as a championship for the ages.  The two finalist teams were the “Mighty Ducks” in blue and “FC Cheeky” in black.  The referees for the championship game were Javier Navarro and Venous Hamza who did a fantastic job officiating a tight championship game. 

Blue started with the ball and went on the immediate attack firing shots on the black goalie Tarek Dahduo who made some great saves to open the game.  However, a goal came early in the game in the form of a cross to a header from Nick Jansson to Gabe Carmona, who put an amazing head on the ball to take the early lead in the contest.  For most of the first half there was mostly FC Cheeky pressuring but couldn’t come away with a goal.  The score was 1-0 at the half.

Starting the second half the black team tried to rally behind a few breakaways but blue goalie Tim Katz was rock solid in goal.  He made a few brilliant saves including stepping up on a breakaway by FC Cheeky player Alex  Joseph.   This immediately sparked a chance for the Mighty Ducks who fired a shot to the left corner post where black goalie Tarek made a diving save to keep the game at 1-0.  With only 5 minutes left in the game black decided to pressure as much as they could and put all forwards in the game, they had the ball in the zone for most of the 5 minute span, drawing 2 huge fouls which lead to free kicks.  The first free kick was 1 yard outside the box and the Mighty Ducks lined up on the line preparing for a strike from the black team.   The ball was redirected out of the zone and brought back in only to draw another penalty this time 5 yards outside the box.  The black striker took the shot and “bent it like Beckham” around the wall of defenders but goalie Tim Katz was too quick and dove to make the save.  The ball was still in the box however, and black again fired away, and again Tim Katz was there to make the save while on the ground.  He punted the ball away and a last effort of black to kick a goal in went by and the championship was decided the “Mighty Ducks” were intramural champions.

FC Cheeky
(Photo not available)

Back Row: Christopher Norrison, Lenbert Simpson, Stefan Nembhard, Vinny DeMaio,
Justin Anthony, Tyler Hicks
Front Row: Byron Georgellio, John Mentor, Sean Murphy, Jordan Shafir, Tarek Dahdul