Men's Soccer Fall 2010

Bend Like Beckham

Back Row: Mac Hoggan,  Joey Goldstein, Matthew Lamoureux, Karim Azeb, Max Gutmans, Albert Ganem
Front Row: David Adlestein, Stefan Forsberg, Andrew Krikorian, Anthony Rinaldi


Championship Summary
Bend Like Beckham 4, Ferguson United 1

This year’s men’s final pitted two highly-skilled clubs on the championship pitch under the lights. Ferguson United walked onto the field boasting a 4-0 record in the regular season. Their opponent, Bend Like Beckham, overcame a competitive group and had a regular season record of 3-1.

Both teams began the game with alternating runs up the field, trying to gauge the other team’s defense. Both defenses were able to the task as they continuously pushed the ball away from their respective net. The game was scoreless until the 13-minute mark when a well-placed shot by Beckham's Karim Azeb landed in the back of the net for the 1-0 lead. This goal gave Bend It Like Beckham a surge of confidence. Two minutes later, Azeb Kariim struck again and Beckham took a 2-0 advantage to the half.

As the second half started, it was clear to Ferguson United that they needed to step up their defensive strategy to stop their opponent. However, Bend Like Beckham came out of halftime with guns blazing. In the 23rd minute of the game, Andrew Krikorian made his move and put another goal up for his team. Ferguson United began to find their stride, and was successful at suffocating the offensive threat while putting their own attacks on their opponent. Emotions began to run high as both teams realized that time was running out. Bend Like Beckham still had one more goal left in them, and it belonged to David Adlestein in the 36th minute. Beckham led 4-0. Ferguson United would not go down quietly. In the 38th minute, David Kim deflected a shot off of a Beckham defender and into the net to end the shutout. When the final whistle blew, Bend Like Beckham raised a cheer for a hard-fought victory and championship.

Ferguson United

Back Row: Hussein Hammouda, Nicholai Roscoe, Marc Ravioli, Kashan Khan, Brian Schneider, Ahmad Krayem, Emmanuel Owusu
Front Row: David Kim, Cicilas Loannou, Ben Duclos, Jordan Rich, Tatsuro Fukushima