Women's Soccer Fall 2009

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Back Row: Bryce Jones, Lex Gidley, Amanda Libertine, Cheryl Howe,
Allison Gruber, Sarah Kozey
Front Row: Otis, Karen Riska, Michelle Laboda, Linda Chung, Kate Lyden


Championship Game Summary
Keeping Up With The Joneses 6, Blue Biddies 4

The Mullins field lights were shining bright over the 2009 women’s soccer championship. The match saw the undefeated Keeping Up With The Joneses playing against one-loss Blue Biddies.  Both teams came out of their divisions as the top seed, and won all three of their prior games in convincing fashion.  The game got underway with a bang as Kate Lyden rang a shot off the crossbar in the first minute as The Joneses looked to take an early lead.  Two minutes later, The Joneses took another strike from the top of the box, but Blue Biddies keeper Lauren Hill made the save.  This save led to a counter-attack from Blue Biddies but Karen Riska was in good position on defense to clear the ball out and keep the game all square.  Beth Hart of Blue Biddies got the scoring started at the fourth minute on a beautiful cross into the box by teammate Michelle O’Neil. The Joneses did not sit around and wait to tie the game.  They took the ensuing kickoff down the field and into the net for a 1-1 tie.  Ashley Bridgeman found the back of the net for Blue Biddies, and about eight minutes later Hart netted her 2nd goal of the game to give Blue Biddies a two-goal lead with five minutes left in the first half.  In the seventeenth minute, O’Neil of Blue Biddies attempted to slide at Sarah Kozey of The Joneses but Kozey was still able to score.  O’Neil was given a yellow card for her slide tackle.  Blue Biddies led 3-2 at the half.

To call the second half of this game exciting and action-packed does little justice to the efforts on the field by both teams.  Kozey got the action going for The Joneses by scoring two goals in the first five minutes to give her team the 4-3 lead.  Over the next 10 minutes, neither team gave up much ground and wore out the midfield.  Michelle LaBoda made some good plays and Linda Chung found some seams in the defense to make a couple of nice runs on attack for the next goal.  With their stalwart defensive positioning, Meaghan Manning and Kaylee Costa made sure that Blue Biddies would not give up another goal.  Jenn Geary patrolled the midfield for Blue Biddies and was in on the action all over the field.  With just under four minutes to go in the game, The Joneses snuck an insurance goal past the Blue Biddies keeper for a 5-3 lead.  This didn’t sit well with Blue Biddies as O’Neil took a strike from well outside the goalkeeper box and into the net.  The Joneses had a one-goal lead with less than two minutes to play in regulation.  Blue Biddies attempted to make a run for the tie, but the ball was intercepted at midfield which led to a break-out run at goal.  The Joneses did not fail on the breakaway and put the final nail in the coffin with 30 seconds to play. Keeping Up With The Joneses prevailed in the 6-4 thriller.

Blue Biddies

(Alphabetical): Ashley Barron, Ashley Bridgeman, Kathryn Camp,
Kaylee Costa, Katie Fitzgerald, Jennifer Geary, Elizabeth Hart, Lauren Hill, Meaghan Manning, Michelle O’Neil