Men's Soccer Fall 2009

Swamp Donkeys II

Andrew Argulles, Alex Altonaga, Michael Fava, Eric Felley, Mark LeBlanc, Joseph MacDougall, Sean Pozenny, John Rayla, Ramin Sabouri, Michael Shea, Stephen Warner, Timothy Warner


Championship Game Summary
Swamp Donkeys II 1, Do Your Best 0

This year’s men’s championship game was a highly competitive battle of two outstanding defensive clubs.  Swamp Donkeys II and Do Your Best were two very skilled teams that both possessed many offensive weapons.  This night, however, belonged to the defenses.  The first half started slowly, as both teams tried to gauge each other.  Scoring chances were few and far between as there seemed to be little room on the pitch to move the ball.  Both teams showed that they could play quality soccer.  In the 13th minute, Andrew McCracken from Do Your Best unleashed a missile from just outside the box that banged off the post and trickled along the goal line before going out of bounds for a goal kick.  McCracken’s drive provided the best chance of the game, but he was robbed of a goal by mere inches.  Do Your Best was not discouraged and dominated most of the possession in the first half.  Swamp Donkeys did a great job to limit Do Your Best’s clear chances at goal and created some chances of their own at the other end. Neither team scored in the first half.

The second half began much like the first half ended with chances for both teams, but no real quality strikes on goal.  However, 4 minutes into the second half Eric Feeley found a soft spot in Do Your Best’s back line to break through and calmly drive the ball to the left corner that put Swamp Donkeys up 1-0.  After 24 minutes of play, the first goal was scored and it seemed to energize Swamp Donkeys and deflate Do Your Best.  Swamp Donkeys began to play with some more rhythm and found more space, as Do Your Best had to press up to try to find an equalizer.  Halfway through the second half, Swamp Donkeys seemed content with their one goal and started to play more defensive, bringing their whole team inside their own half.  Do Your Best became desperate and unleashed shots from all over the pitch, none of which seemed to bother Swamp Donkeys’ goalkeeper Sean Pozenny.  With only a minute to play, Do Your Best finally got a good shot on goal, but Pszenny vacuumed the ball up to seal the match.  Swamp Donkeys earned a well-deserved title. 

Do Your Best

(Alphabetical): Michael Bradley, Alex Carvajal, Ryo Gokita, Bejan Hakimi, Eugene Hsieh, Christopher Huggett, Christopher Lo, Andrew McCracken,
Ian McCracken, Patrick Orr, Scott Price