Women's Soccer Fall 2008

Ben + Jerry's

Tamara Glaser, Laura Hughes, Lindsay Newman, Kathleen Noonan, Erin Parent, Amanda Prentice, Courtney Proctor, Holly Richardson, Rebecca Tessler,
Kelsey Torres, Lauren Torres, Taryn Westerkamp

Championship Game Summary
Ben & Jerry's 3, Green Cobras 2

On a cool, crisp night, the stage was set for the crowning of the women’s soccer champion. This final match pitted the 6-0 Ben+Jerry’s against the 6-1 Green Cobras. Green Cobras started hot, but Ben+Jerry’s keeper Anna Fedorowycz kept them in check by stopping a barrage of shots & racking up seven saves in the first five minutes. Momentum swung toward Ben+Jerry’s when an injury forced Green Cobras to finish the match shorthanded. Ben+Jerry’s broke the ice on a goal scored from freshman Mikayla Perri in the eighth minute. The teams exchanged offensive pushes until Ben+Jerry’s was awarded a penalty kick, which Ellie Rulon-Miller promptly drilled into the back of the net to make the score 2-0. Green Cobras’ Jenna Russell scored two minutes later to close within a goal at the half.

Following the break, the teams played very conservatively with only a total of eight shots in the second half. During the 31st minute, Bryanna Reddy netted the game-sealing goal for a 3-1 advantage. Green Cobras attempted a late rally when Maura Eaton scored to make it 3-2, but that was all they could muster as Ben+Jerry’s went on to complete their undefeated season at 7-0.

Green Cobras

Laura Brassard, Amanda Cummings, Kayla Danehy, Katrina Francescone,
Laura Geelen, Stacy Hart, Amanda Laorenza, Kasey Mackay, Adrienne Mazza,
Molly Minah, Leslie Salomone, Megan Schneikart, Jennifer Stencel