Women's Soccer Fall 2007


Tamara Glaser, Laura Hughes, Lindsay Newman, Kathleen Noonan, Erin Parent, Amanda Prentice, Courtney Proctor, Holly Richardson, Rebecca Tessler,
Kelsey Torres, Lauren Torres, Taryn Westerkamp

Championship Game Summary
Bruisers 1, ASAP 0

The women’s soccer championship between ASAP and the Bruisers was a showing of talent and teamwork. Three-time champion ASAP fought hard to keep the title, but the Bruisers presented tough competition. From the same league, when these two teams met during the season, ASAP nipped the Bruisers 3-1. The first half began with much offensive pressure from the Bruisers. ASAP defended their territory with stellar defensive blocking and clearing. On a key shot to the net by the Bruisers’ Laura Hughes, ASAP defenseman Stacy Hart came up with a solid block. Despite goalie Amanda Cummings’s attempts to stop the shots, the Bruisers would not let up. Captain and offensive standout Laura Hughes put the ball past Cummings’s outstretched fingertips. ASAP stepped up the pressure with some solid shots on net. ASAP’s Kasey Mackay had the best opportunity to tie up the game, but Bruisers goalie Lauren Torres scooped the ball for the save. The Bruisers held the 1-0 lead into the second half. The second half started out much like the first with offensive pressure from the Bruisers and solid ASAP defense. Bruisers’ Amanda Prentice had a hard shot on net that just skimmed the crossbar. ASAP had a few more scoring opportunities that could have tied the game, but keeper Torres made the saves. ASAP’s Laura Geelen had a powerful shot on net but right into the goalie’s arms. This exhausting battle was won by the Bruisers to bring the perennial powerhouse down from the throne.  


Laura Brassard, Amanda Cummings, Kayla Danehy, Katrina Francescone,
Laura Geelen, Stacy Hart, Amanda Laorenza, Kasey Mackay, Adrienne Mazza,
Molly Minah, Leslie Salomone, Megan Schneikart, Jennifer Stencel