Women's Soccer Fall 2006


Sara Atkinson, Laura Brassard, Amanda Cummings, Laura Geelen, Stacy Hart, Alycia Hause, Erin Kelley, Amanda Laorenza, Adrienne Mazza, Molly Minah,
Amelia Reniszewski, Leslie Salomone, Megan Schneikart, Jennifer Stencel

Championship Game Summary
ASAP 4, La Mamasitas 2

Defending champion ASAP matched up against season undefeated Las Mamasitas. The final began slowly as both teams traded possession at midfield with both goalies seeing little of the ball. ASAP got on the board first on their first real scoring opportunity. Leslie Salomone ran down a long pass on the right flank, drew out goalie Raisa Sandstrom & passed it off to Alycia Hause for the easy tap in. Seconds later, Salomone escaped down the right flank again, but booted the ball off the crossbar. Las Mamasitas counterattacked, led by captain Susie Jozkowski, but only managed a few long shots that ASAP keeper Amanda Laorenza stopped. As play went from end to end, ASAP had two more excellent scoring chances. Later in the first half with Las Mamasitas mounting an attack, an ASAP defender is called for handling in the box that resulted in a penalty kick. Katherine Knapp scored on the penalty kick to notch the score at 1. ASAP’s Salomone then scored on a low drive past Sandstrom for the 2-1 lead. Salomone proved key again as she set up teammate Laura Geelen for the 3-1 halftime advantage.

In the second and with no substitutes, Las Mamasitas seemed to tire. Salomone had free run of the field in the 2nd half and created several scoring chances. Each time, however, Sandstrom came up big in goal. On the other side of the ball, Jozkowski fired from a very tight angle over Laorenza’s head for the goal. Las Mamasitas were right back in the game. With time running out, offensive machine Jozkowski missed adding another goal, but her deft chip floated just over the crossbar. ASAP really dominated possession to control the rest of half. With Las Mamasitas bringing everyone forward for offense, Salomone escaped long and found herself one-on-one with Sandstrom. Boom! Another goal for Salomone and ASAP to close out the 4-2 victory. Salomone finished the day with 2 goals and 2 assists.

Las Mamasitas

Sara Bernardo, Kaitlyn Burlone, Jessica Cabral, Kathryn Chambers, Amanda Griffin,
Heather Heath, Alicia Hubbard, Suzanne Jozkowski, Katherine Knapp,
Lauren Remson, Rebecca Sable, Raisa Sandstrom, Allison Smith, Kelly Wilson