Soccer Women's Champions Fall 2004


Laura Brassard, Samantha Colpak, Kayla Danehy, Amanda Goldberg, Stacy Hart, Amanda Laorenza, Molly Minah, Cynthia Morren, Rebecca Poswolsky, Leslie Salomone, Megan Schneikart, Caitlin Seymour, Jennifer Stencel

Championship Game Summary
ASAP 3, Hot Shots 2

ASAP and Hot Shots both went undefeated in league play and cruised through the playoffs. ASAP dominated their opponents with a 6-0 win over Storm and a 5-0 victory past Team Red. Hot Shots defeated Invincible 5-0 and won a semifinal by forfeit to advance to the final. In the early going, ASAP dominated Hot Shots by controlling the ball in Hot Shots territory. Hot Shots goalkeeper Katie Stomski was impenetrable. An early first half goal by junior Michelle Choquette gave Hot Shots the 1-0 lead. The perseverance of ASAP, and in particular Leslie Salomone, was a force to be reckoned with. Credit Salomone with six shots on goal for the game. One of Salomone’s shots found the back of the net to tie the game. Then with 3 seconds remaining in the half, captain Kayla Danehy scored the go-ahead goal for ASAP. In the second half, Hot Shots defender Rachel Kaplan tied the game with a lofting ball from midfield that found the net over a leaping Amanda Laorenza in goal. ASAP dominated the remainder of the second half with good ball control and kept the majority of play in their offensive end. With just under 5 minutes in the game, Salomone got her 2nd goal of the game on a rebound from teammate Kaplan’s shot on goal. Hot Shots had the opportunity to score with 2 seconds left, but captain Rebecca Klein’s shot hit the crossbar. ASAP narrowly prevailed for the 3-2 win .

Hot Shots

Brandy Adelstein, Jane Brandt, Michelle Choquette, Rachel Kaplan, Rebecca Klein, Allison Learned, Amanda MacDonald, Jaime McLaren, Jennifer O'Connor, Caitlin Provost, Katie Stomski