Women's Soccer Fall 2003


Kristen Ford, Pamela Horan, Emily Hronik, Lynsi Jennings, Ashley Judge, Lauren Kelly, Emily Knight, Tara Leverone, Catherine Nowicki, Ann Porten, Teresa Soracco, Keri Wilby

Championship Game Summary
Red 1, Invinsible 2 0

This year's women's final featured last season's runnerup Red, a team with speed and powerful strikers, versus Invincible 2, a squad with tough defense and scrappy play. The game began looking as if it might be a shootout when Red's Emily Hronik scored at 16:27 on the first shot taken by either team. That goal would turn out to be all that Red would need to taste sweet victory.

The rest of the game was dominated by Red's offense countered by Invincible's crafty goal keeper Jess Miele. Red took nine shots in the first half and kept the ball in their opponents' zone for a majority of that half. The 2nd half began with some fanfare as Hronik was fouled on a breakaway and awarded a direct kick just outside the penalty area. A beautiful save at the top corner of the goal by Miele kept the game at 1-0. Time of possession remained even for the rest of the 2nd half. Invincible 2's best scoring chance came with 2:30 left, but the ball sailed wide left of the net. Red ran out the clock to pick up the 1-0 win.

Invisible 2

Samantha Clark, Melissa Cusson, Elizabeth Davidson, Danielle Huberdeau, Casie Hurd, Allison Learned, Jessica Miele, Bridget O'Connell, Beth Pelletier, Emily Railsback, Rebecca Rufo, Adriana Zeledon