Women's Soccer Fall 2001


Heather Astley, Candice Brenna, Tania Cuda, Kelly Grasso, Elisabeth Lyons, Nicole Martignetti, Jennifer Mikkola, Brycelaine Philbin, Erica Scharn, Meghan Sullivan, Alicia Tribble, Jennifer Weis

Championship Game Summary
Superstars 1, Bullets & Ball Bustahs 0

This year’s final pitted perennial soccer powerhouse, Superstars against Bullets & Ball Bustahs, both 5-0 in league play. In the final, Superstars started from whence they left off last fall with a strong first half offensive performance. Superstars’ co-captain Jenn Mikkola put three quick shots on Ball Bustahs’ goalkeeper Christina Pak. Pak, undaunted by the barrage of shots from Mikkola and teammates, eventually made ten saves in the half. Her only let-in came with 45 sec onds left in the half when Mikkola scored to give her team the 1-0 halftime lead.

In the second half, both teams played conservatively with solid defense. Superstars showed vulnerability when goalkeeper Kelly Grasso mishandled a ball in the goal area. With Grasso on the ground, Bustahs’ hustling Molly Morse made it to the ball first and took a shot on the open net. With destiny seemingly on their side, Superstars’ co-captain Jen Weis managed to get in front of the goal in time to deflect the ball out of bounds and preserve the 1-0 lead. The clock ran out and Superstars became the champion for the third consecutive fall.

Bullets & Ball Bustahs

Jayne Barroll, Judith Carlson, Sara Cayatte, Sarah Dabney, Erica Flores, Erin Graham, Michelle Ludka, Regina Lynch, Molly Morese,
Bridget O'Connell, Christina Pak, Jolene Rossi, Nicole Rubenstein,
Denise Sereno