Men's Soccer Fall 2001

Who's Next?

Alexander Bruno, Gregory Bruno, Nathaniel Crea, Jason Gehring, Alex Goldstein, Stephen Houdlette, John McGuire, Yeboah Odame, Bryson Saez, Casey Tresp, Smith Utubor

Championship Game Summary
Who's Next? 5, Dudez A Plenti 0

Who’s Next?, last year’s champion, and Dudez A Plenti eased into the playoffs with season records of four wins and one loss. In the playoffs, Who’s Next? had little difficulty making it back to the final, winning three games by stingy a 14-4 scoring margin. Dudez A Plenti also won three playoff games with their only struggle a victory over Dirty Sanchez in penalty kicks.

The final began evenly matched from the kickoff whistle until Jason Gehring of Who’s Next? beat goalkeeper John Graham at the 13-minute mark of the first half. This goal seemed to swing the momentum to Who’s Next? as they banged in two more goals from Stephen Houdlette and Casey Tresp before the end of the half to lead 3-0. The second half was more of the same tactical and methodical play from Who’s Next?, a cohesive unit with much experience. John McGuire tacked on to the lead with a goal and teammate Tresp added his second goal of the game. Who’s Next? finished out the game in ‘repeat style’ with the 5-0 victory.

Dudez A Plenti

Benjamin Bradford, Brett DeGregorio, Andrew Donahue, Mark Gregg,
William Hauze, Dmitry Kuksin, Sean Garell, Zev Garell, Marc Laflamme,
Joe Schultz, Daniel Tehranian, David Torchiano