Women's Soccer Fall 2000


Heather Astley, Fiona Coxe, Nicole Martignetti, Jennifer Mikkola, Brycelaine Philbin, Karalyn Rudgis, Jennifer Weis, Sarah Barsamian, Meredith Malvey, Catherine Coy, Kelly Grasso, Paige Hubbell, Jill Romero

Championship Game Summary
Superstars 10, Kickers 3

Matched up in the championship were the two best teams from each women's division -- Superstars vs Kickers. But, something happened on the road to the end of the game...Superstars crushed their opponent 10-3! Superstars' Jenn Mikkola scored within 3 minutes of the first half. Teammates Nicole Martignetti and Catherine Coy added two more goals in the next two minutes and later Martignetti scored her second goal of the half.

Kickers' Korri Tessier scored at the 16 minute mark. Kickers switched keepers twice, and, to their credit, they did not stop playing hard. Success paid off in the form of Rayney Meisel, who scored late in the half for a 4-2 Superstars lead. A comeback in the second half was within the Kickers grasp if it were not for the ferocious, punishing offensive attack from Superstars. Mikkola and Martignetti each tallied twice and Coy and Sarah Barsamian scored as well. Superstars keeper Jill Romero was tested only once in the second half until, with 3 seconds left in regulation, Romero was caught napping as Kickers Lauren Kelly snuck one in to beat the horn.


Megan Bettencourt, Rachel Gillis, Joyce Kaveney, Lauren Kelly, Erika Marquis, Rayney Meisel, Sara Nazzaro, Catherine Nowicki, Erin L. Murphy, Erin M. Murphy, Korri Tessier, Margot Wiliamson, Teri Mercurio