Men's Soccer Fall 2000

No Soup 4 U

Scott Bimba, Kevin Bovell, Michael Boyer, Patrick Horgan, Stephen Houdlette, Dustin Jerdan, Michael Jerdan, John McGuire, Yeboah Odame, Paul Strubell,
Smith Utubor

Championship Game Summary
No Soup 4 U 2, Damage 0

Twenty one teams qualified for the men's soccer playoffs. Damage and No Soup 4 U paired off in the championship. Each was successful during league play, Damage with three wins and a tie and No Soup 4 U going undefeated. Through the playoffs, No Soup 4 U had tough competition and won three games, each by just one goal. Damage also won three games in the playoffs, including an exciting quarterfinal match in penalty kicks over last year's men's soccer champion CV StyIo and a semifinal match 1-0 over a scrappy Union Jacks team.

In the final, both teams were evenly matched in the first half. Neither team gave up many scoring opportunities while playing conservative, controlled offense. No Soup's Kevin Bovell was the first to score seven mintues into the game. That's how the first half ended with No Soup 4 U on top 1-0. In the second half, No Soup 4 U took control with about 10 minutes left to play in regulation. John McGuire eventually pushed another goal past Damage keeper Chris Fielding. No Soup 4 U's keeper Mike Boyer was steady in goal.


Rocco Corigliano, Mattia Gerardi, Christopher Fielding, Jerome Kirkpatrick,
David Lively, Aleksandar Loncarevic, George Matsumoto, Purnal Patel,
Chung Hyun Cho, Tarik Buxton, Joao Lopes, Berat Hyseni