Women's Soccer Fall 1999

Absolute Trouble II

Meredith Batstone, Michele Burch, Colleen Burke-Pitts, Stacy Casilio, Catherine Feener,Jennifer Goossens, Danielle Kwong, Debra Paddock,
Amy Rubin, Joni Skinner, Lisa Scheiern, Beth Sullivan, Emily Wu,
Kristina Zerfas

Championship Game Summary
Absolut Trouble II 4, Lady Cats 2

Absolute Trouble II defeated Lady Cats 4-2 in an electrifying women’s final soccer match. But Absolute Trouble’s victory was not an easy one. Absolute Trouble stuggled during the regular season by going 1-4, their only victory a win by forfeit over the Shooters. To get to the final, Absolute Trouble II won by forfeit over Las Muchachas Moscas and downed the Webbettes 3-1. Lady Cats were over .500 during the season and knocked off Chiclets 3-1 to advance to the women’s final. In the final, Absolute’s offensive leader Catherine Feener scored three of her team’s four goals. Lady Cats’Jen Beedle and Kerry Merchant each tallied, but their offense was not enough as Absolute Trouble defeated Lady Cats 4-2.

Lady Cats

Christie Barcelos, Nicole Beades, Jennifer Beedle, Elena Denio,
Karen Finnerty, Michelle Labombard, Jamie LeBlanc, Kathryn Ledda,
Kristin Ledda, Anna McCoy, Kerry Merchant, Amy Potter, Melissa Vierkant