Men's Soccer Fall 1999

CV Styloo

Jose Araujo, Joao Baptista, Paulo Barbosa, Renato Brandao,
Demosthenes Dominique, Anderson Dos Santos, Sidonio Ferreira,
Paulo Fonseca, Walter Gomes, Geraldo Moreira, Henrik Toncic

Championship Game Summary
CV Styloo 5, Blackouts 2

Twenty one teams qualified for the men’s soccer playoffs. Powerfully purposeful during the playoffs, CV Styloo defeated four teams (Los Papis Chubs, Santos, Gorman and FSU) to gain a berth to the championship and outscored opponents 27-1. Blackouts, last year’s runnerup, narrowly defeated four teams (Dirty Sanchez, Sigma 4lpha Mu, V-Boys and Saydoo Sayme) en route to the final. In the first half, Blackouts scored two quick goals, one by Alexi Bebezas and the other by Gavin Reath off a pretty Steve Boucher cross.

CV Styloo bounced right back with score-tying goals from Joao Baptista and Jose Araujo. In the second half, it was all CV Styloo. Forward Araujo notched his second goal and teammates Anderson Dos Santos and Paulo Barbosa also scored past keeper David Mintz. Although Blackouts worked hard up and down the field, they couldn’t regain their first half offensive punch, and credit some of that to the swarming defense of team leader Sid Ferreira and crew. CV Styloo downed Blackouts 5-2 and captured the men’s championship.

The Blackouts

Frederick Barker, Stephen Boucher, Alexandros Bebezas, Kevin Doherty, Stephen Howard, Michael Lamond, Sean Leary, Niel Middleton, David Mintz, Michael Nowicki, Gavin Reath, Matthew Roberts, Bernard Saroglou