Grad/Fac/Staff Men's Soccer Fall 1999


Daniel Bernstein, Maximo Carreras, James Davis, Sascha Engelbrecht, Omrane Guedhami, Anders Jonsson, Michael Rampley, Daniel Figueiredo, Agustin Schapira Olcese, Konstantinos Katsikopoulos, Matthew Schlesinger, Regis Vincent

Championship Game Summary
Intercontinental 4, Viva Genie Cheme 3

Intercontinental advanced to the final with a convincing 8-0 win over Chem Eng Grad Boys International. In the other semifinal game, Viva Genie Cheme beat Upper Thompson FC 3-1. In the final, Intercontinental had early scoring chances but were unable to find the net. Twelve minutes into the first half, Intercontinental’s Agustin Shapira Olcese buried a ball past the goalie, Griffin Gappert. Two minutes later, Cheme’s Apostolos Georgiadis tied the game.

With 30 seconds left in the half, Cheme committed a costly slide tackle, and Sascha Engelbrech slid the ball past Gappert on the penalty kick. In the second half, Intercontinental’s Konstantinos Katsikopoulos took charge of the game and scored at one minute of the second half and scored again a minute later. Cheme answered with a goal eight minutes later as Georgiadis beat goalie Regis Vincent. Cheme scored again to bring their team to within a goal. But Intercontinental held on to defeat Viva Genie Cheme 4-3.

Viva Genie Cheme

Jason Blackburn, Thierry Carriere, Neil Fernandes, Scott Fisher,
Griffin Gappert, Apostolos Georgiadis, Rajaram Pai, Young Park,
James Reese, Lev Sarkisov, Joseph Schroer, Helmut Strey, Cesar Vargas