Women's Soccer Fall 1998

Hey You

Season Summary
Hey You won title by forfeit

Hey You, last year’s women’s soccer champs, had another tremendous season, going 4-0 during league play by outscoring opponents 26-5 and advanc ing to the championship by crushing Hot Shots 10-0 in their first playoff game. This cohesive, well-captained by Karen Hatwell Hey You squad then made it to the championship with a win by forfeit over Crushers.

And not a game did Hey You play after that. Hey You did not have an opponent for the championship because the Crew and Smoores double forfeited in their semifinal playoff game. Smoores had an excellent chance to show well in the playoffs; they went undefeated in five regular season games and won by forfeit in the playoffs. Hey You was awarded repeat women’s soccer champs.