Men's Soccer Fall 1995


Championship Game Summary
Potashers 5, Juventus 0

Potashers squeaked by Docconners F.C. 5-4 and then over powered Victory, 7-1, and Lawn Boys, 6-2. Equally impressive Juventus enjoyed a thrilling double overtime win over the Nuggets, 3-2. Juvenius went on to shut out Ajax, 2-0 and easily handled E.P.S., 8-2.

Co-captain, Scott Tarka, assisted by Dan Costa, put Potashers on the scoreboard. Greg Ryan, also assisted by Costa, scored the last goal of the half. Scott Tarka scored 30 seconds into the 2nd half, assisted by Will Hall. Keeper, Dennis Droggitis went down in the mud as Jesse Fisette found the back of the goal. After two assists Dan Costa was able to score his own goal on Will Hall's second assist with two minutes left in the game. The Potashers were dominating but the 5-0 final score was not indicative of the talent on the Juventus squad.