Women's Soccer Fall 1994

The Funky Rotinis

Championship Game Summary
The Funky Rotinis 6, Wildflowers 1

Wild Flowers and The Funky Rotinis - both with potent offenses - met in the title game. Andrea Bellerose put The Funky Rotinis on the scoreboard at the 15:50 mark of the first half. Four minutes later, Kristin Feindel made the score 2-0. Kelsey Flaskins netted the third goal of the half. Wild Flowers' Amy Courcy found the back of the net with 10 seconds left in the half to make the score 3-1. The Funky Rotinis' defense shut out Wild Flowers in the second half while Jen Pixley scored twice and Kelsey Haskins scored again, final score 6-1.