Men's Soccer Fall 1994


Championship Game Summary
Automatic 3, Scooby-Doos 1

Automatic's powerful offense and stingy defense marched through the playoffs, defeating Mainers (6-0), Delta Chi (9-1), and The Gods (7-2) to reach the final game. The Scooby-Doos easily handled The Undertakers (4-0), Dream Team 3 (7-1) and squeaked by Team Adidas (5-4) in overtime to reach the finals.

Devin O'Rourke's goal gave Automatic the early lead five minutes into the first half. Eric Sloan tied the score three minutes later. The half ended 1-1 as both keepers, Scott Bauer and Brian Hurley, made save after save. The second half belonged to Automatic. Matt Edgerly scored the game winner less than one minute into the second half. The Scooby-Doos fought hard throughtout but could not overcome the tough Automatic defense. With seven minutes left in regulation, Matt Edgerly's second goal put the game out of reach and captured the title, 3-1.