Men's Run N' Gun Football Spring 2014

Pick Six
Alphabetical: Matthew Fung, Sean Heaney, Joseph Johnson, Chris Magalhaes, Kevin Pomerleau,
Matthew Schell, Richard Silva, Cody Sloniecki

Championship Game Summary
Pick Six 66, Wait... What? 42

When the 2014 Men’s Run-N-Gun Football Championship began, there was no hesitation in scoring. Both teams scored on their first possessions. Pick Six scored again to make the score 14-7. The next drive was crucial for “Wait… What?” to balance the momentum between the teams.

Pick Six’s defense was up to the task defensively as they forced a turnover on downs. On the very next play, Ricky Silva’s deep pass led to a quick two possession lead as Pick Six was now leading 21-7 after the extra point. “Wait… What?” refused to give up and they scored on their next possession. However, “Wait… What?” would never be able to recover from their early turnover. Every Pick Six possession in the first half led to points. At halftime Pick Six was leading “Wait… What?” by a score of 41-20.

In the second half, Pick Six’s strong defense continued with help from Matt Fung, Sean Haney, and Joe Johnson. Another deep pass from Pick Six on their first possession of the second half made the score 48-20. No matter how many points were scored, “Wait… What?” would not give up.

Every time they scored they were going for two points on the point after touchdown to try to cut into Pick Six’s lead. Pick Six never lost focus in the second half and was able to hang on to the lead until the final whistle with a score of 66-42. Congratulations to Pick Six on another championship season. “Wait… What?” put up a valiant effort against one of the best teams in the country and they should proud to build upon the success they had this season.

Alphabetical: Myles Baidy, Sean Fitzgerald, Brendan Frankfort, Jake Grenier, Kyle LaVallee