Co-Rec Run N' Gun Football Spring 2014

Prestige Worldwide

Back Row:  Eric Thomas, Corey Burns, Kevin Higgins
Front Row:  Nadia Waski, Michaela Butler, Marina Vaet

Championship Game Summary
Prestige Worldwide 55, DeVas 28

On a fateful night in April, two teams faced off in the Run N’ Gun Co-Rec Championship. Prestige Worldwide Sported black while DeVAS wore red. After a misunderstanding about the boundary lines, Prestige Worldwide regrouped their focus to start the game off with a quick touchdown. The PAT attempt was unfortunately unsuccessful. DeVAS gained possession after this play, and gave the ball up on an intercepted pass. Prestige Worldwide’s player returned this intercepted pass by running 25 yards for a six-point touchdown. Again, the PAT was unsuccessful.

With time running out in the half, the DeVAS decided to go for a long pass down the field. The pass was completed for a touchdown and this time the PAT was good! Prestige Worldwide put everything they had in to scoring one last touchdown before the half. By failing to complete the PAT the half ended with a score of 19-7.

The second half consisted of touchdowns, interceptions, blood, sweat and tears from both teams. Prestige Worldwide began to pull away by running the ball and tossing it down the field. DeVas played valiantly, but their efforts fell short with the final score of 55-28. Congratulations to Prestige Worldwide!

Left to Right: Derek Kornheiser, Tina Remie, Karya Bowen, Kristin Hacker, Annika Olson,
Brandon Gelzer